A Tale of a Whale by Suzanne Michelle

blue whale

A Tale of a Blue Whale

A Tale of a Blue Whale sdaleyaz / July 29, 2022 / Animal Activism, Animal Facts Have You Ever Seen the Heart of a Blue Whale? Did you know that…

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vegan meme kids

10 Reasons To Go Vegan

Its always a good time to consider going vegan or whole food plant based. Its easier, cheaper and kinder.

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bees honey

Bee Kind Always

Today I went to his house and he showed me all of the honey he had gotten from the hives. He took the lid off of a 5 gallon bucket…

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how to help whales

How to Help Whales and Dolphins

One of the best ways to start is to make a conscious connection between you and your environment. It starts at home with you.

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Why are there sharks?

Why are there sharks?Home When the Kanaka Maoli saw the stars' appear in the night sky they knew it was the beginning of the most important holiday of the year.…

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